We are offering you best quality original bulgarian extract from Tribulus terrestris. We are the leading producer of the extract among the Sopharma with their product Tribestan

Bulgarian Tribulus Extract - Bulgarischer Tribulus Terrestris Extrakt
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We are online distributors of the Bulgarian brand of dietary supplements VemoHerb, located in Vienna and Sofia. Please, let us tell you more about the manufacturer of these high quality products – Vemo 99 ltd.


Vemo 99 Ltd was found in 1999 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Vemo 99
specializes in the development and production of standardized herbal extracts, biologically active nutritional supplements, plant and enzyme feed additives. The herbal nutritional and food additives are based on proprietary company produced extracts from rare Bulgarian remedial plants.

The production process is meticulously organized in two production facilities, one for herbal extracts production, located in the city of Kneja, north-west Bulgaria, and another, for homogenizing and packing of final products, located in Sofia. Vemo 99 has well-trained staff and seasoned consultants, which guarantees the research, development, production, and control of every stage.

Bulgarian Tribulus extract is one of our first products, and we can proudly say we are a leading producer in Bulgaria. There is only one other manufacturer of similar product, Sopharma AD, who markets their product under the name of Tribestan, however, with our unique know-how technology and 10-year production process, we have developed Tribulus to perfection.  

The entire production cycle, from producing the herbal extract, to packing the final product, allows us to implement full technological and analytical control, as well as to minimize costs greatly.  This way, we can guarantee the highest quality of VemoHerb®Tribulus to our customers, while at the same time, we are able to offer the most competitive prices for an original Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract ever offered on the market.

Even more, we offer you 100% Bulgarian Tribulus extract, sent and delivered to you directly from the original Bulgarian manufacturer.  No uncertainty about origin or quality! Look at the Bulgarian Health Department certificate, which gives Vemo 99 permission to manufacture and export VemoHerb®Tribulus. (Certificate.pdf)\



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