We ship our bulgarian tribulus products in whole European Union for one price. Directly to your door from Bulgaria

Bulgarian Tribulus Extract - Bulgarischer Tribulus Terrestris Extrakt
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Most of the time, your order will be processed within 24 hours of receiving it.
We ship directly from Bulgaria, in plain, non-transparent envelope with Registered Mail to make sure you get your Tribulus. Packages are shipped by regular Mail (we want to keep it cheap), so your order will arrive within 7 to 10 business days from shipping date for the EU and 10-20 days for the rest of world. It may take few days more until you receive your order, so please allow at least that long prior contacting us.

We also offer discounts.  If you order for more then 100 Euro you will receive 6% discount, if you order for more then 200 Euro you will receive 12% overall discount.

One flat shipping charge is collected for all EU countries /  Worldwide.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Products are Not for sale or distribution to the USA 

Shipping charges are shown below:

Delivery to
1-5 Pcs.
more than 6 Pcs.
more than 10 Pcs.
European Union  2.90 €
 4.90 €
Worldwide  2.90 €
 4.90 €
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