Bulgarian Tribulus uses the finest quality herb Tribulus Terrestris which may deliver an elevation in testosterone, sex drive and a feeling of well being with no side effects

Bulgarian Tribulus Extract - Bulgarischer Tribulus Terrestris Extrakt
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Tribulus Terrestris herb Information

tribulus_pflanzeTribulus terrestris is a herbal perennial plant from Zigophyllaceae family, with a lot of branching, forming flat patches long stems, which best grows in warm stony places. Many researches have been made to identify the active ingredients of the plant. Steroid saponins from furostanol and spirostanol types and sapogenins have been isolated. In the saponins mix, predominate the furostanol saponins protodioscine and protogracilin. Flavonol glycosides like astragalin, tribuloside, rutin, tannic compounds and oils are also found in the plant. The consumption of the plant itself enhances sexuality, acts as a diuretic, has laxative effect, and is anti-micotic.

Tribulus terrestris herb is well known, and has been used in native Bulgarian medicine for many years as an energizer, revitalizer, and libido enhancer.  Even the ancient Greeks have used it for increasing muscle mass and stimulating sexuality and libido.

Not everyone knows that this herb can be found only in few parts of the world (south USA, Mexico, Spain, India, China and Bulgaria) and it is even less known that the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris phytochemistry is entirely different from the phytochemistry of the same plant found elsewhere in the world (you can look through the report of M. Ganzera, E. Bedir, I. A. Khan, The University of Mississippi).

The superiority of the Bulgarian Tribulus is due to the unique Bulgarian location and climate.  Different parts of the plant used for obtaining the extract are cropped at different time of the year. The special method for cropping the herb, which contributes to the broad specter and the high content of active substances, is not present in Tribulus terrestris from any other part of the world, thus making the Bulgarian Tribulus superior to all similar herbs worldwide.

PLEASE NOTE: Not for sale or distribution to the USA 

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