Bulgarian tribulus has unique pharmacological and physiological properties. Its phytochemistry is entirely different from the phytochemistry of the same plant found elsewhere in the world.

Bulgarian Tribulus Extract - Bulgarischer Tribulus Terrestris Extrakt
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Why Bulgarian?

Tribulus terrestris herb is well known, and has been commonly used in native  medicine as an energizer, revitalizer, and libido enhancer for men. Even the ancient Greeks have used it for increasing muscle mass and stimulating sexuality and libido.

This herb can be found only in few parts of the world (south USA, Mexico, Spain, India, China and Bulgaria).

Something very important, and usually overlooked, is the fact that the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris phytochemistry is entirely different from the phytochemistry of the same plant found elsewhere in the world. The superiority of the Bulgarian Tribulus is due to the unique Bulgarian location and climate.  Different parts of the plant used for obtaining the extract are cropped at different time of the year.   The special method for cropping the herb, which contributes to the broad specter and the high content of active substances, is not present in Tribulus terrestris from any other part of the world, thus making the Bulgarian Tribulus superior to all similar herbs worldwide. 

This important difference is not well known, despite the numerous scientific studies on the topic (you can look through the report of M. Ganzera, E. Bedir, I. A. Khan, The University of Mississippi). This fact is usually deliberately not mentioned, because the resources of the herb (which can not even be cultivated) in such small country as Bulgaria are limited, and cannot satisfy the world demand for Bulgarian Tribulus extract.

Because of the limited resources of the original Bulgarian Tribulus, market is flooded with vast quantities of Indian and Chinese similar product, which however do not come even close to having the same pharmacological and physiological properties as the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract.

For a long time now, many companies claim to offer supplements with Bulgarian Tribulus. Many of these so-called “originals” are offered at 10-15 EUR price per pack. The herb itself costs 2-4 EUR per kg.  Just consider the fact that for obtaining a quality extract, the extract ratio is minimum 1:50 (extract : dry herb). Further, the production process is extremely complicated.  To get a better idea, it takes more than dozen extractions in order to obtain the highest concentration of active ingredients, and to purify the product from all unnecessary ingredients, which may decrease its beneficial effect. Multiple purifications contribute to the high quality of the Bulgarian Tribulus extract, famous with its remedial effects.

Overall, there are three main groups of active components in the Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris::

1. Dioscin, protodioscin, diosgenin, etc.
These steroid saponins are active substances, which stimulate the sexual hormones production (androgens and estrogens), influence the central nervous system, and are defined as active components with anabolic character.
The saponins increase the testosterone level, regulate the hormonal balance without affecting its functionality, improve the prostate activity, and decrease the risk of forming dihydrotestosterone.

In women, the saponins increase the pregnenolone, progesterone, and estrogen levels,  and enhance the libido, thus insuring physical and emotional health. The protodioscin stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone from the adenohypophysis and directly increases the secretion of the sexual hormones. Saponins set up positive nitrogen balance and improve the protein synthesis, including that in the muscles. The effect is increased physiological performance and enhanced body endurance in cases of physical and mental overwork.

2. Sterols – betasitosterols, stigma, etc.
This component group protects against prostate swelling, and in combination with the X steroid saponins (third group mentioned below), protects prostate cancer.

3. Proprietary steroidal saponins currently referred to as X steroidal saponins.
The X steroid saponins have positive effect on the immune system. There is data that proves X saponins have anti-bacterial and anti-viral (especially anti-herpes) properties. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris can be used internally and externally to treat herpes, and virus infections such as flu and common cold.

The Chinese and Indian Tribulus terrestris is harvested at different time of the year, the extracts are made from different parts of the plant and their phitochemistry is entirely different from that of the Bulgarian Tribulus.  The Chinese and Indian extracts are mainly used as a diuretic and for treatment of kidney stones.  They don’t have the same pharmacological and physiological properties like the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract.

At their best, Indian and Chinese Tribulus Terrestris have a trace of group 1 and 2 phytochemicals, and contain virtually no X steroidal saponins.

The Chinese and Indian manufacturers extract saponins, which do not have the same pharmacological properties like the Bulgarian extracts. These saponins do not have any effect on the sexual libido and performance, nor on hormonal balance regulation, nor they have any other positive effect of the phytochemicals mentioned above.  Further, these saponins are not fully absorbed and utilized by the body, while all active ingredients in the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris are completely absorbed from the body.

The main active phytochemicals in the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris, (i.e. from the three groups mentioned above) are determined as furostanol saponins calculated with reference to protodioscin.

Below, you can see the results of a comparative study for extracts from Tribulus terrestris with different origin (Table 1) and products based on Tribulus terrestris extracts (Table 2), for their content of furostanol saponins, with reference to protodioscin. 


PLEASE NOTE: Not for sale or distribution to the USA 


PLEASE NOTE: Not for sale or distribution to the USA 


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